Paid Parental Leave for Self-Employed

A recent law change means self-employed people can now apply for paid parental leave.

Paid parental leave payments will equal the self-employed parent's average weekly earnings over the last six or twelve months, up to a current maximum of $357.30 a week before tax.

Those who make a loss or earn less than the minimum wage for at least 10 hours work a week will be paid for 10 hours a week at the highest rate of minimum wage. Currently this payment is $102.50 a week before tax.

Self-employed parents who chose to take up paid parental leave must stop working while they receive payments, but they will be able to continue to oversee their business to some degree (doing occassional administrative tasks such as completing GST returns).

The application must also include verification :

  • that the applicant is a self-employed person and meets one or more of the definitions of being self-employed;
  • of their total net income for the six months before the expected dat of birth ot the date they start caring for the child they intend to adopt, and
  • of their average weekly earnings for the six or 12 months before the expected date of birth or the date they start caring for the child they intend to adopt.

Who is eligible? 

Paid parental leave will be available to self-employed mothers who :

  • have a baby due or born on or after 1 July 2006, and
  • have been working an average of 10 hours or more a week for the six or 12 months immediately before the expected date of birth.

Paid parental leave is also available to parents adopting a child.

A self-employed person applying for payments must fill in the applicable Inland Revenue form (IR888) and or (IR889).

Click here to access the forms on the IRD website :

Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Application   IR880

Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Transfer   IR881


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