There are a large number of suppliers offering software solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We are happy to recommend the right product for your business, as well as providing you with comprehensive training.

We are approved retailers for the following software products :

Concept Cash Products MYOB Products

This list is not exhaustive therefore if you have a specialist need then please feel free to submit your enquiry. We will then provide a timely response indicating if you are able to assist.


CashManager Rural


Cash Manager Rural was developed by active and successful farmers and today is used by people in all types of rural business - dairy, beef and sheep, cropping, deer, ostriches and emus,viticulture, orcharding, and more besides.

Key features of Cash Manager Rural :

  • Standard Windows operating system
  • Easy to set up - Easy to use
  • Looks like cashbook
  • Double entry system
  • GST returns
  • Detailed budgeting
  • Flexible Financial reporting
  • Livestock / Cropping reconciliation
  • Simple invoicing
  • Enterprise analysis
  • And it's fast!

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CashManager Business

Want to keep track of your business cashflow, but you're finding conventional accounting packages too complicated? Do you feel intimidated by terms like accruals, capital reserves, accumulated depreciation and non-current liabilities?

Or are you having difficulty in presenting your books to your accountant in a suitable format - which they can import into their computer and therefore get the job done quicker?

Then CashManager is the answer.

CashManager is a cashbook package (with an optional integrated customer/supplier invoicing add-on module) ideal for any type of small business.

Because the standard version of CashManager isn't a full general ledger system (but still accumulates data in a double entry form behind the scenes), it is the ideal package for small business operators who don't have an in-depth understanding of double entry bookkeeping. Data entry screens are intuitive and have been designed for maximum efficiency. Reports are cashflow-based, and therefore easily understood by non-accountants.

CashManager is the sort of package that many accountants want their small business clients to use. This is because they are guaranteed of receiving usable reports or data disks at the end of the year.

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 CashManager Demo Disk

To view demonstrations of the CashManager software range a demo disk is available for purchase.

If you purchase this disk and then purchase any of the CashManager products the full purchase price of the demo disk ($50.00) will be discounted from that purchase.

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Business Basics

You've probably been running some of your business on computer already - keeping track of income, expenses and GST in a spreadsheet, or issuing your tax invoices from a word processing program. BusinessBasics brings all of these basic business functions together in one easy-to-understand application.

MYOB BusinessBasics simplifies the way you quote, track and invoice your jobs, simultaneously tracking your transactions and GST, and providing you with over 70 reports and graphs to help you understand your business.

If you do your banking online, you can download your business bank and credit card statements and import them straight into MYOB BusinessBasics. Where the transactions match, they'll automatically appear as cleared - saving you the time and the tedium of line after line of manual bank reconciliation.

  • Single-click GST Returns
  • Easily keep track of customers
  • Customise forms
  • Track job costing and profitability
  • Swap data easily with your accountant
  • Automated bank reconciliations

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Accounting V15

When you're running your own business, you're passionate about what you do. While keeping a tight control of your business finances is essential, you'd rather be spending your time on your business - not on your paperwork.

The solution is MYOB Accounting - the ideal complete accounting software solution for growing New Zealand businesses.

  • Automate your bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Advanced stock control
  • Prepare GST returns quickly and easily
  • Save time by paying your bills electronically

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Accounting Plus

Suitable if your business:

  • you manage your business using a Mac
  • requires more than one person to be able to work on your data at the same time
  • deals in foreign currency, have offshore accounts or send invoices overseas
  • needs to keep track of time for billing purposes

Key features include:

  • Runs on Mac OS
  • Multi-user capable
  • Multiple currency option
  • Professional time-billing with integrated invoicing
  • Wide range of electronic payment options
  • Over 140 flexible reports - print or export to other popular systems
  • GST Tracking and Reporting
  • Advanced Contact and Customer Relationship Management
  • Comprehensive business analysis tools
  • Comprehensive Inventory Management - multiple selling prices, custom fields, display inventoried items
  • Custom lists and fields for item information and report generation

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Payroll 2005

If your business has staff you are probably spending more time looking after the payroll than you'd like to, or need to. The solution is MYOB Payroll - the complete payroll software solution for growing New Zealand businesses.

You don't need to be an accountant to use it. MYOB Payroll is a comprehensive solution that is simple to use and in plain English format.

MYOB Payroll is a fully featured, user-friendly Windows payroll program that is suitable for any size business, operating in either single or multi-user setups.

  • Suitable for any size business
  • Simple entry or import of employee timesheets
  • Fast and convenient filing of IRD forms using the Internet
  • Advanced leave management and final pay details
  • Email Direct Credit schedules straight to your bank

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